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Dream Job English 1

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Just imagine this, your sitting in a chair surrounded by the likes of Denzel Washington, Julia Roberts and Johnny Depp; in a dress that was designed just for you by Versace. All the sudden you hear your named called and applause starts. You walk up to the stage and start to give your acceptance speech for winning an Oscar for Best Actress! My dream job is to be a sucessful, famous actress. As nice as it sounds with money, glam, and thousands of fans, there are three flaws of being a famous actress, which they are no privacy, the work shift, and family.

The first one is the fact I would have no privacy. Say I wanted to go out with my friends and have a good time. I could have only one drink and the next day is Star magazine it would be saying that I am an alcoholic, that my life is in turmoil and I am getting drunk to compensate for this. My private life would be public. No matter what was going on in my love life the whole world would know. I could be working on the set with a male costar, and if we were seen off set it would be blown out of proportion. Also, if I was to be in a relationship, there would be the whole thing where tabloids take pictures and switched to be how they want it to be. If there was no interesting news at the moment, they could twist it so there would be a break up with the guy i was seeing.

Secondly the work hours. I can be shooting a movie and the hours could call for me to be on set at six in the morning and not get out of there until two in the morning; then do it all over again the next day. Exhaustion would be a main factor in my life. After awhile you would get sick of it. There would also be promoting the movies and endorsments that would cause more unhumanly hours of work. Somehow i would also have to manage to fit in interviews and publicity stunts. I also can't forget about the charities I would get involved in.



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