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Dream Analysis

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Dream Analysis

The patient has come to me in order to find out that his dreams mean or what and how they reflect in his life. He seems very concerned and wants some answers for why he seems to be having the same type of dream. His dreams do seem to be slightly bizarre but nothing out of the ordinary.

Patient's dreams keep having the theme of zombies, but always do different things and end differently. This reoccurring theme of zombies though seems to be just because the pateint has been playing resident evil 6 and watching the walking dead. He should be worried about having dream involving zombies. If they really do bother him then he should cut back on them both. Now what the dreams them selfs may mean can be summed up to one thing stress. In the first and third dreams he dreams of Zombies surrounding him and having no escape. The Zombies could symbolize stress and the feeling of being overwhelmed, the fact that theres no way of escaping from them could mean he feels like he can relieve the stress.

In another dream he dreams that he's being chassed by Zombioes just the past dreams, and getting surrounded. How ever unlike the other ones he magically gets a jet and flys to safety. Once again the zombies represent stress being built up, but the jet pack would symbolise him over coming that stress and finding a way out. This is a good sign that shows that not all dreams about zombies have to be bad . The next following dreams go hand and hand on some issuses involving his girl friend and her mother. The mother apparently was a zombie trying to attach him, which might symbolize that he feels the mother is a threat to him or in some way annoying. In another he's fighting zombies trying to attack his girlfriend. His girlfriend is scared and really needs his help in the dream, which means he feels obligated to help her in real like with her problems. He feels like he has to protect her from the stress



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