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Essay Preview: Dracula

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30 June, night. -- And with this, the wheels were set in motion. I knew that action was required at once, and without hesitation. For with hesitation, would certainly come certain doom at the hands of the Count or his minions. I was decided on what I needed to do next and who exactly was going to help me. Glancing over at the decrepit figure lying lifeless, a great chill overcame me. It was as if my body knew what was about to transpire before my mind could fully comprehend it. Just as he drew me into this prison, he was going to get me out. I had resolved to use the count as collateral in my escape attempt. With a swift kick to the center, the shovel broke into two which I then laid on the ground. How was I to get the Count out of his bed? Another kick to the coffin sent body and all tumbling to the ground with a loud thud that resonated in my ears for what seemed to be an eternity. Now that he was on the ground, I could more easily transport him with me by dragging him. I must be quick so as not to miss the gypsies. With that I took the shovel and began beating it as loudly against the ground as I could. Somewhere in the hall I could hear the howls and murmur of the gypsies. Then, the sound of footsteps. At first distant, then increasing with each step taken. My heart begins to pound as beads of sweat make their appearance on my timid visage. The time had come. It was either escape or die trying. Was I sure I knew what had to be done? No time now to rehearse. “Cling Click Clack.” The metal clinging of the chains were just outside the door. It was evident. Someone had heard me. Whoever is coming in has undone the chains and is now working on the locks. Each bolt unlatched like the sound of a shotgun blast. The last bolt was being unlatched and then with a squeak I saw her. Her eyes gleamed with an unnatural hue and at that moment I felt an indescribable cold engulf the room. Her eyes were trained on my shovel which I now placed on the neck



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