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Domains Of School Counselor

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The aim of the academic/educational domain is to learn about educational success. This domain offers activities and experiences that the student comes into contact with through facilitation of the school counselor. These activities and experiences are intended to expand aptitudes and show the way to learning. The academic/educational domain helps a student to develop to his or her highest potential.

It is vital for the student to attain an outlook, comprehension and abilities that render valuable education in school and also throughout life. In order for this to take place the student must improve academic self-concept, acquire skills for improving learning and achieving school success. School counselors can speak to classes and match education levels to different careers. The school counselors at the school I teach at have students use a Workkeys program that correlates educational success to a specific career.

There is a need for the student to finish school with the educational background necessary to make a sound decision with his or her future. This can be achieved through the student becoming a free and self-reliant learner. It is important for the student to exhibit the drive to progress with education and maximize his or her personal potential. School counselors can set up career fairs that will have professionals from a variety of fields. This could help students value their education and become familiar with the educational background needed to fulfill their desired careers.

The academic/educational domain is planned for the student to understand the relationship of school to the workforce and to life at home and in the society. The student is to display the capability to balance academics, extracurricular activities, relaxation time and family life. Continuing educational practices will enhance future opportunities and will be essential for the student to assimilate into community life. School counselors can set up a time management program to help students budget their schoolwork as well as other activities. Balancing school, extracurricular activities, relaxation, family, social life, and possibly an after school job might be overwhelming for a high school student. A school counselor can educate students on time management to help them stay more organized to balance life activities in the future. If the academic/educational domain is emphasized by the school counselors, the students have a greater chance of achieving education success.


The goal of the career/vocational domain is learning about occupations and life preparation. This domain covers abilities that will assist students in exploring career possibilities and opportunities. Also, it facilitates students with career options and a successful switch from school to post-secondary education or to the workforce.

The student will attain the ability to explore careers in terms of qualities and make informed career choices. The student will acquire the skills to locate, evaluate, and interpret career information as well as develop an awareness of personal abilities, interests, and motivations. Other areas that this domain covers are decision making, goal setting, and time management.

The student should also develop career readiness. Skills such as teamwork, problem-solving, organization are all vital when seeking a job. Prior to seeking a job the student should develop a positive attitude toward working and learning in general. The student should have some education in creating a resume. Being a good employee means the student will demonstrate responsibility, dependability, punctuality, integrity and a strong effort. These skills must be understood and knowing what is expected of employees and employers is covered in this domain as well. School counselors can offer workshops about gaining a job in the community while in high school. This will provide a sense of career awareness as students start to work and consider more thought of their desired job.

There needs to be a sense of the education and training needed to achieve career goals. Through the career awareness that the student has gained through this domain, he or she asses his or her action plan to support the chosen career. The school counselors can use the World-of-Work Map to help the student identify careers based on his or her skills and interests.

The student will understand the relationship between personal qualities, education, training and the workforce.



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