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Does Racism Exist

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Racism still exists in America, and the powers to be wants us to not think so. A willing ignorance wants to keep us in the state of mind of equality. When in actuality we are view a smoking mirror, to keep us from the issues.

Today, there has been a social progression where we live in a society where some social matters have been addressed. But, no one wants to talk about racism because it is still considered taboo. Especially with Caucasians, talking about race brings up old feelings of guilt (my opinion) they do not want to feel. So when racism is bought up, the most bought up question is “Why can’t we (meaning they, which is us) just get over it). That’s like a husband who abuses his wife, and they reconcile but she still feels the scars… Tells his wife to get over it. It is not something we can get over if we are afraid or made to feel that our feels about it, is not valid. Just when you think you can get to the moment where you can move on, situations happen. You may be looked over for a job, treated poorly at an establishment, or just having a conversation who a willing ignorant individual.

A prime example of willing ignorance, the use of the N word. I don’t understand for the life of me how it became socially acceptable to say the word “Nigga.” I also do not understand how other races feel it is socially OK to openly call someone a nigga, whether or not it is used as a term of endearment. I was speaking to someone of Hispanic descent while on vacation, and they were just running off with the N word. Nigga this and Nigga that, and they were saying this to describe a conversation or experience he was sharing with me. So I had to politely cut him off and say I really don’t appreciate you using that word, as an African American woman. Now I know he is entitled to his feels… But so am I. So he apologizes but then asks why. I told him that I believe that people of other races have yet to understand the power behind that word.



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