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THOMAS DICKINSON was born in Yorkshire, Eng., December 30, 1821, and, in 1828, came to the United States with his parents. His father, Henry Dickinson, was a farmer. After coming to America, he located in Philadelphia, where he remained three years. In 1833, he moved to Carroll County, Ohio, with his family, where he engaged in farming and stock-raising, and became one of the most extensive sheep-raisers in that country. About 1850, Mr. Dickinson removed to Morgan County, Ohio, where he and wife died and are buried. Thomas Dickinson received but a limited education; was reared on the farm of his father, and on August 9, 1846, was married to Rachel Miller, a native of Carroll County, Ohio, after which he followed farming and threshing until 1851, when he moved to Morgan County, following, grist and saw milling for nine years. In 1860, he emigrated West; was pleased with Indiana, and located in Cedar Creek Township, Lake County, which has since been his home. He purchased 170 acres at 814 per acre, but has added thereto until he now owns 380 acres, one of the best farms in the county, of which he is one of the most progressive and enterprising farmers; he has at present two full-blooded Clydesdale colts. Mr. and Mrs. Dickinson are parents to nine children--Minerva (now Mrs. E. L. Watson), Charles (deceased), Mary C. (deceased), Frank (deceased), Susanna (now Mrs. Allen), William T. (husband of Lida Miller), Edmund, Byron and Grant. The three deceased died within twenty days of each other, from malignant scarlet fever. In politics Mr. Dickinson is a Republican.



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