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Dod Eata Dog World

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Dog Eats Dog World

My name is Bee Bee. I am from South Central L.A. I did not always have it so marvelous. I slept in a box with a bum named Willy. He taught me the ways of the street. Survival was my only option. My future was very bleak.

I was born a mut and never met my parents. I was left on the side of the road in an ally. Thankfully old Willy found me. Not long after that Willy passed away due to alcohol poisoning. I was alone and on the streets. I was a young pup with no bed to sleep in, no little kids to play with, and no food.

It didn't take long for me to start imitating the other despondent dogs. I was waling around using the restroom anywhere I contented. Stealing the butcher meat, and dumpster diving was my ways of eating. I lost a few teeth fighting over a chew toy I found. Now my tongue hung insensibly out the side of my mouth. I was in a lot of pain and needed a drink.

Walking around trying to find some water I stumbled upon some kids playing soccer. It was blistering hot out so I figured they would have some water. So I decided to walk over and look around. Next thing I know some kid is picking me up and yelled to his friends look at this hideous dog, they all started laughing at me. One of his friend said let me se her, so the boy persist to chuck me across the field. Almost falling to the ground the other boy barely caught me. He looked very pugnacious, I new he was up to something connote. Just as I assumed he then booted like a soccer ball, I plunged through the sky like a frizbee. I finally landed next to a park bench, but when I tried to get up an d run away my legs would not move. I looked down and could see my bones popping out of my legs, the sight made me pass out.

I was woken up by this amazing woman named Diana. She ever so gently picked me up and immediately rushed me to her car. We pulled up to this building and took me inside. They took me in a room right away



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