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Dms Actor Surfboard 5’7

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THE ACTOR I The Actor model is an all round performance short board. We have updated the model for 2018|19. Foam distribution has been tapered slighlty through nose and tail. We've added some curve behind the fins for more release and also pulled the tail in a little.

The mix performs well in punchy waves with steep sections - this is an A+ performance board that will give you down the line speed without compomising rail to rail transition.

Stock & Custom Orders


All DMS stock size boards have a current production time of 4-6 weeks depending on construction type. We have a stock order in production and due to be available from November which will allow all stock to be available without the production wait time.

Shipping is available Australia wide to major cities. If outside a major Australian city or for International shipping rates, please contact us before purchase for a shipping estimate.


To create your own sizing preference and details to any DMS board visit our online 'custom order' page in the menu bar. Please keep in mind, custom orders are more than our general stock boards due to additional work and have an average 4-8 week turn around time, depending on complexity of order & time of year.

Daniel MacDonald is the head shaper and creator of DMS Surfboards. He is based on the Gold Coast in Australia, & is known for being an all around shaper, having designed boards from the classics through to high performance & new technology.


Over the last 15 years Dan has been constantly delving into surfboard history while forging its future through experimentation



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