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Distance Learning

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Distance learning, also popularly known as e-learning or online learning, was a fairly new technology some 10 years ago.

The process of imparting knowledge in a classroom involves some formal tasks that can be automated, such as delivering content, taking assessment exams etc. However, it also involves some informal activities that take place between teacher and students, such as discussions on a particular question asked by a student and teacher’s personal attention to a student who is comparatively weaker in studies etc. With the advances in distance learning technology, these barriers or deficiencies are overcome and students experience a real classroom environment.

The distance learning technology has its advantages and disadvantages. The disadvantages include issues like teacher needs to invest significant effort in documenting course content, students with low motivation levels may not get help when desired (as the teacher will not be always available) and may fall behind the class etc. The advantages of e-learning include benefits like the course content once created can be reused with minimum effort and students can learn at their own pace and convenience. We should analyze both pros and cons of a technology before completely rejecting it or declaring it as inevitable. With e-learning, we know that it is advantageous in many sense, but not all subjects can be taught effectively using this technology.

Everyone has a right to know and learn. Knowledge should not be bound by any geographical boundaries. Distance learning is a powerful tool to impart knowledge. Distance learning equips people with a powerful tool to actually eliminate any geographical boundaries.

In a healthy information ecology, such as distance learning, the core values must be the center of gravity. The core values such a privacy, freedom, copyright and accountability need to be challenged



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