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"Disney World: A Controlled Society

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Essay Preview: "Disney World: A Controlled Society

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In Susan Willis article "Disney World: Public Use/ Private State," she makes the claim that Disney World is too controlling by stating that, "If your idea of heaven is a place where you need only relax and wait for someone to take care of your every comfort and amusement, and where no unexpected surprises can crop and destroy your enjoyment, then Disney world is for you" (Willis 650.) Disney World provides the illusion for visitors that they have entered a picture perfect world. In this paper I will analyze Susan Willis article through evidence of control by the way in which everything is done for them, the way trash is a controlled element, and how the advancement of technology presents itself in our society. Disney World provides society with the notion of a perfect world by controlling it with theses elements and is used as a break from everyday life.

The first way in which Disney World provides evidence of being a controlled environment is by the illusion for visitors that they have entered a perfect world. For example, the author Susan Willis states that, "Visitors are inducted into the park's program, their every need predefined and presented to them as a packaged routine and set of choices (Willis 650.) It is believed that Disney World tourists often claim to enjoy the fact that they do not have to think about anything because all responsibilities have been cared for already. The reason it works is because the visitors know on one level that it's not genuine, yet it's real enough that they can also forget the actual world for awhile. If the world was like Disney, then Disney would be out of business.

Another way in which Disney World is perceived as a controlled environment is by allowing tourists to escape from the fallen state of a polluted society and allow them to create an idealized vision of America by drawing visitors into a world of endless fun and fantasy. For example, Willis provides evidence when saying, "To the consumer's eyes, trash is never a problem at Disney World" (Willis 658.) In Disney World there are no waste cans and recycle containers provided on stages because that would break the magically themed authenticity of the theme park. Disney World's desire is for an idealized existence that is innocent of imperfection. Normally, society would witness garbage and poverty on the streets, but not in



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