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Disability Discrimination

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Disability discrimination happen when disabled people treated differently in employment because of their disability. There are four main types of disability discrimination:

Direct discrimination 
Employer no want to employ them, dismiss them or not provided with training because of disability.

Indirect discrimination
Employer set the unreasonable rule or policy for everyone but it is not fair to disabled people.

Non-disabled people humiliates or offends such as intrusive, threats or bullying worker with disability.

Non-disabled people punishing or treating badly because disabled people have 'protected act'.          


According to the U.S Equal Employment said 97,443 charges of employment discrimination resolved in 2016 and disability discrimination ranked at top 3!

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The research shows that 53% of disabled people faced bullying and harassment at work. The disabled worker had been bullied by their friends, employer and they also not be taken seriously for a promotion for progressing and advancing their job.[pic 21]

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Bullying is unacceptable and harmful to many people is against the law. Everyone should be aware that bullying or teasing of a worker because that worker has a disability. Even worker with disability work hard and do a great job but still can be a target. The impact of workplace bullying can be harmful and we need to know the steps to handle the issue and help worker with disability find a positive and satisfy job experience.

The research shows that 58% of disabled people faced the risk of losing their job because of their disability. Disabled worker has requested assistance or adjustment but their employer does not provide and support disabled worker to do their job.

Most of disabled people have felt at risk of losing their jobs because of their disability and impairment. We have to supporting disabled people in work. Employer need to change for building on progress by other workforce diversity with the effective ways to attract, recruit, support and develop disabled employees. When disabled employees take the jobs, the right support is to make sure disabled employees to stay in work.

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The Equality Act 2010 protect disabled employee including:
- interview arrangements to apply job
- application forms to apply job
- discipline and grievances
- dismissal or redundancy
- training opportunities
- terms of employment
- available job offers
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