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Different Country, Different Worlds

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General Purpose: To inform

Specific Purpose: To inform my audience about different points that characterizes wakeboarding

Central Idea: There are many sports you could do to get a rush but if you want the ultimate you should try wakeboarding.


I. Attention Material

A. There are a lot of people in this world that look for new and exciting thing to try like sky diving, bungee jumping, but a lot of people overlook wakeboarding.

B. Wakeboarding is a very exciting sport and it gives a great deal of adrenaline to the people that do it.

C. Wakeboarding is growing as an extreme sport and it is getting more and more credibility.

II. Orienting Material

A. People who enjoy wakeboarding want a good board, and depending on the type of wakeboarding they do they may want a special board.

B. Bindings are another big part of wakeboarding, in which they are used to secure a persons feet in the board and not all are the same.

C. The sport of wakeboarding is why people want to do it, for the rush and the pure excitement of doing something extreme

Transition: First lets talk about the types of boards.

III. Types of boards

A. For riders who want a good smooth ride they would want a board like the CWB 2007 Kink Wakeboard.

1. For people like myself I don't want to do tricks I would like a smooth ride and this board would do that for me.

2. This board would also be good for kids or beginners because of the fact with the slits in the board it has easy maneuvering.

B. The 2007 Charger Wakeboard is perfect for kids shaped just for them so they can learn on a good and easy board.

1. If I had kids this would be the board I would get them for with the center spine in the board it will give them better support.

2. All kids want something that they can get up on and stay sturdy and this board will do just that for them since it is designed for light weight.

C. The 2007 Faction Wakeboard is just the ticket for the freestyle wakeboarder with its smooth shaping and cutting edges.

1. This board would give you a crazy ride just for the way it catches the water and the way you can turn with it.

2. If I was to freestyle this would be the board for me because of how you can fly on it and it will respond perfectly to your every move.

Transition: After you get a board you are going to need the gear to get you started and here are just some of the different types of gear you will need.

IV. Types of gear

A. You need a rope to get started and not all ropes are the same depending on what you want to do.

1. For example if I want to do tricks I want a longer rope so I can get slack and speed for flips and jumps.

2. If I was just wanting a smooth ride I would want a shorter rope to stay inside the wake so it would be smooth water.

B. Wakeboarders tend to wear wet suits so they can stay dry and to have less effect from the wind.

1. I have a wet suit but only wear it when I want to do tricks or if the water is cold.

2. Professionals use them for competitions so when they are going at high speeds and making jumps the wind wont be an effect as much for control.

C. Bindings are another important part of your gear not all are the same and some peoples feet fit different in them.

1. My bindings fit my feet perfectly because I made them just right for my board and the things I do on my board.

2. Bindings are



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