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Differences Between Colonies

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As the “New World” went under major settlement by England in the seventeenth century, massive differences in economics, government, leadership, society, commerce and relations with Indians began to develop between the northern and southern colonies. Starting off with economics, the southern states relied mostly on agriculture and the big cash crops of the day such as tobacco. The fertile soil and warm climate of the southern east coast of North America combined with the large flat plans that characterize much of the region made the growth of cash crops even more profitable. This is why we see the majority of slave labor in the colonies centered in the part of the country. The northern colonies centered economics mostly on manufacturing goods that they sold to both the southern states and Europe. This economic structure also fits into northern geography. Colder climates relatively poor soil to the south only suitable for subsistence farming and the mountainous topography meant that cities and towns became more common. With this came manufacturing which characterized the northern economy as people would build shops in their town or city and work indoors when the weather became harsh.

Differences between European northern and southern colonies continue with their reasons for colonization, government and leaderships in both regions. The southern colonies were set up by Europeans looking entirely for economic gains. This aspect contributes greatly to the diversity of culture throughout the region. These settlers were originally looking for gold and silver but eventually created settlements to capitalize on the wide expanses of land and good climate for growing cash crops, both things that were not prevalent back in England. Northern colonies were settled mostly for religious and political freedoms for those persecuted back in Europe. Northern colonists shared a much more common heritage then the southerners.



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