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Diabetes Mellitus

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Is a chronic disease that is caused by the lack or absent production of insulin. Insulin is a

hormone that is produced by the pancreas and allows glucose to go into the cells. Glucose

is sugar, to make it real simple it is the fuel for the body. If the sugar is just circulating in

the system and not reaching the cells due to the fact that there is no insulin to take it into

the cells tissues will begin to die. Glucose is an important piece to the puzzle for atp

production which is the same as energy. When the body needs energy and cannot

be made

due to the lack of fuel it finds an alternate fuel like fat and tissue, your body becomes a

cannibal to itself to survive. When the body is using fat and tissues for energy it creates

Serotonin which can give a person a fruity smell on their breath which is sometimes

mistaken for drinking alcohol. Diabetics can either have too much or to little glucose

making up the terms Hyper and Hypo-Glycemic. When a Pt. is Hypo this is usually ca

used by Pts that haven't eaten or have taken their to much insulin. This is usually very

easy to fix all you have to do is give the pt sugar orally if he is conscious and can

maintain his own air way or by delivering it through IV access. This will bring the Pt

around very quickly.



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