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Definition On Judgment

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If I lose my fame and fortune, and I`m homeless on the streets...

Judgment is what our society is built upon. The act of judging or assessing a person or situation or event; the criticized judgment of an individual on how people see you on a physical and emotional state and at times what you have to offer at given times with materialistic aspects.

Judging and saying something about someone is only a natural aspect of life people love to talk and feed off of other people consisting of their sex, orientation, race, culture, family, education, clothing, social groups, money, values, goals etc.

In formal contexts, a judgment is a balanced weighing up of evidence preparatory to making a decision. A formal process of evaluation applies. A judgment may be expressed as a statement, opinion and is usually the outcome of an evaluation of evidence or facts . The formal process of evaluation can sometimes be described as a set of conditions and criteria that you meet under by the critics.

We live in a country where we are constantly "keeping up with the Jones next door" and competing with one another to see who has the newest fashions, cars, and greener lawns. This is why the American Society is such a big consumer and we love to buy and keep consuming even if that dose mean we go into debt. Also this is were social classes come up with middle class, rich, and poor. No matter where you stand in the social classes you are looked at and portrayed differently and either looked down at or looked up upon. If we weren't consuming and buying to try to keep up with the next person where would we be? People would judge you and question you to them selves, like they ordinally do and ask themselves why . Even when we do buy they still question and judge us regardless and ask why and it isn't because they have nothing better to do or they are even jealous of you its because they are in competition, and it's the natural thing to do just as when you breath air.

For instance, about one year ago when I just got my licences I found myself out a little just like others saw me, and judged me for being the"condescending, preppie, snob" I am. So I want a lot of things and so I get what I want when I want it, or I`ll just be completely un happy with myself. Due to the fact of my I have low esteem and I`m scared of people judging me, and thinking im someone whom im not. I only want more out of life, more of clothes, money to make a better life for myself so people look at me and see me and say only the positive. When I am at the mall I constantly



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