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Def Poetry

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How long will I be trapped on this emotional odyssey will these fast women be the death of me? How long will it take for me to see that being a playa playa from the Himalayas this king man dingo women slayer? Having nights of endless passion in my mackin layer is all just to hide the signs of a broken hearted player who wonders the world in search of the one thing that can give a mans life meaning and make him feel like a complete human being. But as I gaze into the endless night sky getting high, I cannot

help but to ask my self why must continue this seemingly endless voyage in search of the one thing that has eluded me my whole life, a woman that can change how I look at life and make me proud to call her my wifeƐ' stead I'm trapped living in this fast life in which one day I'm sure will make me have to pay the ultimate price which is my own life. But Until then I'll stay the course and fell no remorse for all of the hearts I've broken and wives I've taken from innocent families just because they fell in love with a certain part of my anatomy, and thought they would live happy ever after but shortly there after, all of the weed smoke and laughter is done and all the Hennessey is gone. As she slides her ass back into her cherry red thong I'm compelled to utter these three hate full words bitch-be-gone. Then it's back to my grind in search of that special love of my mine which some days I think I'll never find in this race against father time, as I wonder this endless sea lost in the endless fog of cheap liquor and fast women I hear something so divine, so rare in this troubled life of mine that compels me go forth and try to find what could be the key to free me from this sinners life of mine but. what did I find nothing but a siren who, clouded my mind with false feelings of ecstasy and lured me in to a shallow grave and cursing me with



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