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Decisions In Paradise Part I

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Essay Preview: Decisions In Paradise Part I

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The public is becoming more aware of the environmental dangers involved with the world's reliance on oil. This of course has a lot do with the history of oil. For example, oil disasters that have occurred, like the oil spill from the Exxon Valdez in 1989 and the latest news being received on Global Warming. There is much to be said about our nation's dependency on oil but of course the latest request of drilling in Alaska puts the icing on the cake.

Oil companies all over the world are motivated by money and for this reason many are for the drilling in Alaska. I am not insinuating and hope that my paper does not give the impression that each person working for these corporations is evil. I know that the people who precede these companies are human beings but the fact that as people they have chosen to be motivated by the money and profits generated from their companies rather than to have the simplest considerations of our environment and this says a lot about them. If as a nation we were to twist back the wave of environmental catastrophes and human disasters that have been equal to the advance of oil, we should start by recognizing the cruel and unethical character of these corporations and take a stand against them. This would be the start and hope of taking back our world.

Over the years fuel has replaced coal as our nation's primary supply of energy. Americans utilize approximately more than 500 million gallons of oil each day of the year. If we do not stop relying so much on oil we will find ourselves using more oil in the future. This would include oil fuel for transportation. History advises that we use more oil today for transportation than we did in the early 70's. This would have been when the United States suffered the oil crisis. This is why there is a need for our nation to stand in the gap and lead the way to a future with better environmental ethics. Take a look at our overpopulation crisis as well; the more people we have on earth the more demand for vehicles on the road. Imagine how much oil we will need to keep all of our vehicles on the move.

According to Youth Act, No matter how good our intentions, development almost always harm wildlife in some way. Conservationists fear that ANWR development may interfere with the calving habits of caribou and the migratory patterns of snow geese, among other problems. We would be ruining one of the few undeveloped places on earth permanently for a belated and temporary increase in oil production. Oil from ANWR wouldn't reach the market for 15 years, and at the rate that we burn it, it wouldn't last long. Drilling in ANWR won't save us much dependence on foreign oil.



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