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Dead Sea Scroll

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The Dead Sea Scrolls are a set of ancient manuscripts that were found buried in jars located in caves North West of he Dead Sea, and according to Dr. James Sanders and other scholars of the Old Testament these Scrolls were found by a Bedouin Sheppard boy while he was idly tossing stones in the caves. This discovery in 1947 of the Scrolls and the location where they were found led to the name "The Dead Sea Scrolls."In Hershel Shanks introduction of Dr. James A. Sanders he wrote that Dr.James Sanders received his PHD from the Hebrew Union College and that he was one of the people that were called when the Scrolls were found in the last cave. In this last Cave refered to as Cave #11 was the Psalm Scroll. Point of interest, Dr, James Sanders was called in to unroll the Scroll edit and publish it. Dr. James Sanders went on to explain that there would be a greater understanding of the Biblical Texts because of the Scrolls; and Doctoral Scholar Emanuel Tov wrote that the Scrolls "have been revolutionary."

One of the interesting things about the management of the Scrolls is Dr. Sanders writings that he and his Team of doctoral students worked to modernize the manuscript with photography and

Digitization to the extent where they were able to read and understand the contents of the

Scrolls; with more clarity than they encountered with the older photography equipments.

There is no debate that these Scrolls would be difficult to read and even understood, without the use of advanced modernized equipment. Another one of Dr. Sander's doctoral student Bruce Zuckerman was successful in formatting the negatives and developed new films that were so enhanced that when placed on a microdensitometer's in an advanced Mega vision laboratory, Dr. Sanders and his team called the results remarkable.



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