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Dead Man

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Dead Man

Dead Man is a western comedy that stars Johnny Depp and Gary Farmer directed by Jim Jarmusch. The film begins as Johnny Depp's character William Blake travels west on the transcontinental railroad to the town of Machine, where he had been offered a job as an accountant. When he arrived he found that the position offered to him had already been filled, in addition, city slicker Blake who came all the way from Cleveland and sold everything to make the trip, was out of place among the scruffy and shady town's folk of Machine. Blake quickly befriends a prostitute outside of the tavern and gets wrapped up in a misunderstanding later that night in which he is forced to defend himself, killing the son of the rich boss who had offered, but already filled the accountant position. A bounty of 500 dollars is placed on Blake, and he is forced to flee the town.

The movie continues as Blake is on the run from a number of bounty hunters. He meets and befriends a lone Native American, who takes care of him and toughens him up to the ways of the west in a series of challenges. Nobody (the Native American) and Blake, the naive easterner, will try to stay one step ahead of those searching for him, as they meets all sorts of interesting characters along the way to the pacific ocean. Eventually, Blake will learn that to survive in the west, he must show little mercy.

This film is different then other westerns I've seen. Released in 1996 and filmed entirely in black and white Dead Man is an up to date comedic take on the western, however, I found it unquestionable strange at times. It will leave you scratching your head and rewinding to watch a scene over again - to be sure nothing is missed or unheard. Nobody, the Indian, is unlike any other I have ever seen in a western. A mix between Native tribes Nobody was outcast and captured by white men as a child to be sent to Europe in a cage



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