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Daniel Tammet

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Essay Preview: Daniel Tammet

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Dominic Puricelli 8­1 9/23/14

English Daniel Tammet

Daniel Tammet is a very cool person. He was born with and unusual, but awesome trait. He

born in London, England. He’s about 35 years of age. When he was was younger he really didn’t

connect with friends. He was an outside and got teased for that reason. Tammet is not disabled, or

autistic. He just shows these traits as described in the essay.

Daniel Tammet is a very smart man. He’s tall and thin. He also has light brown hair. He wears

thin glasses and dresses very casual, but modest.

Tammet does insane math calculations in his head. He connects shapes and colors with

numbers. He can remember a number like 68, for example, and it looks like a huge black blob. He

actually recited the mathematical number Pi (3.141...) from memory to 22,514 decimal places in 5

hours, 9 minutes, without being wrong. It was amazing. He also connects his emotions to numbers. He

went to an interview with a guy and this man changed, took, and swapped different numbers in the

number Pi. They test his emotions to see if they really were connected to numbers. In his chart you

could see how upset he was. He can also learn a language in just a week, maybe even less. A television

show in Iceland interview viewed him and he only got a week to learn Icelandic for the show. They

tested him with alot to see how well he knew their native language.

Daniel Tammet is a big risk taker. He took a risk of being humiliated in front of thousands of

Icelandic people and a lot of other viewers, he could have messed up and been laughed at, but that

didn’t stop him. He also is a very humble and modest person. He never spoke badly about someone, he



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