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Essay Preview: Dances

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Amanda Tomcik

October 27, 2005

Dance Critique

Introduction to Dance

"Tampa Dances"

These five movement pieces were put together in a way to awe its audience. Expecting to see a bunch of dance pieces, the last one is a surprise monologue and or dance. Each piece has its own description and meaning, that undergoes a different approach to every person. Not only do these pieces have different meanings but also the dancers and or actors were of different age group and ethnics.

The first piece was "The Round Up," which delivered a very cheerful feeling to the audience. The dance piece involved a bunch of elementary school girls. All the cowgirls had jean shorts on, and with white t-shirts and pigtails on their head. Some of the girls had red bandannas on their head and some had freckles on their face. The music for this piece was very up beat, the lighting was very bright and the girls followed one after the other. You could tell that the girls were trying to dance altogether, but they all keep looking at one another because they couldn't remember the moves. The movements were very simple no big gestures. The movements involved a lot of clapping with the hands and step movements with their feet. The piece was cute it made me laugh. The cowgirls were wound up and had the audience going.

The second piece was called "Tribute," which seemed to give much appreciation to our country. The dance piece started out with two girls in bright red and blue. The colors in this dance were very bright because it stands out just like our country. The song these middle school girls danced to was "God Bless America," by Celine Dion. The movements involved a lot of ballet and hand motions. The dancing was peaceful, calm, and physically powerful. I personally enjoyed this dance piece because it was meaningful. The third piece was called "The Arc Between Two Deaths," this dance piece was very difficult to understand. Four girls and one boy took the stage in all black costumes. I particularly didn't like this dance pieces because the movements were very confusing. One minute the dancers were following one another then momentarily they would lift one another around in the air. The music was very disruptive and it didn't flow well with the dancers movements. This piece was very long and left the audience puzzled in a way that leaves you thinking, "Huh."

The fourth piece "Asturias," was one of my favorite dance pieces presented. The dance started out with an oriental woman dressed in bright red, on point ballet. This woman's movements were very brisk and bold. Her hands were very strong and still which made the piece very captivating. The black male that escorted this



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