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Damnation Of The Grand Canyon

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Damnation of the Canyon-Strong Response Essay

In the essay, Abbey states that the dam that is being built affects the whole environment of the wildlife that lives in the canyon. I agree with him because, when you put something man-made in an area that has been created by Mother Nature and you just destroy it, the area loses a lot of its original inhabitants. The dam caused a lot of loss when it came to dealing with the natural environment. True, now that the dam is built new ecosystems have developed but it doesn’t replace what was lost when the concrete took over natural habitats.

Abbey’s angle of vision is against the construction of the dam. He states that much of the habitat created by the canyon was destroyed when the dam was built. Many of the animals that lived in the canyon were either killed or ran away because of the destruction of much of the wildlife. Abbey sees the dam as a way of destroying natural environments for many of the animals and plant life. Abbey is trying to catch the attention of animal lovers and people who strive to protect nature and its environments as a whole. He displays the way the canyon is set up with detailed descriptions that let the audience get a feel for how the destruction is taking over the homes of many of the creatures. Abbey’s essay was mainly directed to people who felt strongly towards conserving the natural environments the canyon had.

In my opinion, I believe that while the dam has destroyed, much of the original environment was destroyed. As the years go by what was once destroyed and flooded will eventually adapt to the new resources and begin new generations of wildlife. Abbey lets the reader see how he things are as he explores the canyon on his various encounters he has while working to serve the canyon’s needs. He lets the reader see that all that he is saying is backed up by factual evidence because he had first hand experience with the changes the canyon went through.



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