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Essay Preview: Daffodils

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My own reading to "I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud", Mohamed Ibrahim

Handling such a wonderful poem gives me a feeling of internal joy, the thing which pushed me to choose it from the poetry of Wordsworth. In my simple reading here I hope to present a comprehensive appreciation to this glorious piece of harmony with nature. I chose such poem because I think that it stands for a craftsmanship of a poet when he delineates perfectly his experience in a very well-created versicular language.

The peace of mind and the sense of tranquility which man always seeks in life reside in the identification with nature, the picture which Wordsworth introspectively presented in this poem. Whenever you feel depressed, sad, or miserable, just contemplate on the past experience with nature, the thing which makes you feel the ultimate happiness. This is the very message Wordsworth would like to give us in this poem.

In my own interpretation to this poem, I could conclude that William Wordsworth would like to give us a kind of a universal message of life force. He would like to say that whatever the problematic conditions you are in, the miserable plight you have, the bad life you struggle, the gloomy world you live in "I wandered lonely as a cloud", you need just to look for the happiness around you, perhaps you can find it near " o'er", " beneath", but you have to do your best to find it "I gazedвЂ"I gazed". At that time you exert effort, your inward eye will feel the tranquility you seek. Hence, whatever the bad life is, there must be light there, there must be hope, there must be pleasure could fill your heart.

The whole picture of the dancing daffodils was depicted perfectly using the prominent imagery. I realized that most of this imagery is created by the many metaphors and similes Wordsworth uses. In the first line, Wordsworth says "I wandered lonely as a cloud." This is a simile comparing the wondering of a man to a cloud drifting through the sky. The sense of loneliness is evident here that the passing cloud is only



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