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" You might not be seeing me as much anymore, I'm going to start working a night job", said her dad. "What kind of job father"? "A security job that requires me to only work at night". "Well, can I see your uniform"?, asked the curious 10 year old girl, watching as her father left for his made up night job. He didn't have a night job, in fact he didn't even live in the families home anymore. he had moved out and was living in his own studio apartment. The young girls' parents had gotten a divorce and in order not to break the young girls heart, he decided to make up the night job lie.

The young girl knew something was wrong, she knew her dad did not have a night job. one big hint for her was that most of his clothes were gone from his side of the closet he shared with his soon to be ex-wife. He along with the girls mother gentley broke the bad news to her. as much as she thought she wouldn't cry, she was wrong. she cried for days after finding out the news that would change her life.

the father had left the young girl with her mother and younger sister, who at the time was only 5 years old. not knowing how this would effect his young daughters he decided to move on with his life. he made it seem as if he didnt need them to be apart of his new life. Life changed for the young girls, having only one parent at home.



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