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Cyber Bullying

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Courtnie Perry


English 3


April 10th


        Cyber-bullying is one of the leading causes of suicide deaths in teens today. “Cyber-bullying is a new issue, it’s no longer about horseplay or physical punching inside the school it’s abuse 24/7.” (DeNisso ,Alison) “Online harassment may take place at night and at home, but the fallout is often seen at school and can interfere with the educational environment”. (Scholastic Teachers) Students who commit cyber-bullying should be punished in some type of way at school.

        Cyber-bullying has had many causes and effects among students, but what is cyber-bullying? Online threats, rude texts, and mean tweets, post or messages all count as cyber-bullying. “Cyber-bullying is when a person is harassed, humiliated, threatened, or tormented by people using the internet and other interactive technologies such as cell phones.” (Murphy, Alexa Gordon 17) “Cyber-bullying is especially powerful form of bullying because it reaches many people at one time and because it can often be done anonymously.”(Murphy, Alexa Gordon 18) Yet another popular and harmful act of cyber bullying involves creation of fake accounts or web page or online persona to hurt someone or harass them. Besides intentional forms of cyber bullying, there are some unintentional or accidental cyber bullying incidents too happening in the cyber world. A comment that is considered a joke by someone may hurt other person even though there was no intention to insult involved. Online bullying can be particularly damaging and upsetting because it’s hard to trace. “Children get bullied everyday about any and everything, the internet makes it ten times worse.”  (Teen Ink) Online bullying can be easier to commit than other acts of bullying because the bully doesn’t have to confront his or her target in person

                Anonymous spreading of posts can quickly reach a large audience which also makes it even more threatening and emotionally disturbing for the victim. Once messages are posted or sent they may not be completely deleted or even if they are they may have done the possible harm before the action is taken.

Cyber-bulling is not only effective at home but it is also very effective at school. Cyber-bullying has a direct impact on the intended victim, and can cause a large variety of reactions. In some cases children have reacted in positive ways to try to prevent cyber bullying. But in other cases, cyber- harassment has had harsh, severe and long term effects on the child. This can include harmful effects on his or her performance at school, which is not the least of harm done. “Cyber-harassment is very harmful to children not only at home or just within the community but also at school.” (Murphy, Alexa Gordon) “In some cases students are afraid to come to school because they have been tormented and humiliated.” (Scholastic Teachers) Students who experience cyber-bullying are more likely to skip school, drop out and in some cases attempt to or commit suicide.” Drug abuse and alcohol intake is also likely to result in kids who are bullied. Students are so worried about cyber-bullying that they can’t focus on their studies.” (Scholastic Teachers) “Cyber-bullying is most effective at school/on school grounds, this type of harassment can tamper with a child’s ability to learn and develop.” (Scholastic Teachers)

        There’s no exact place where cyber-bullying starts but it is most active at school and this is where it should be stopped. Schools should take cyber-bullying very seriously just as they do any other serious offenses. “Schools should do what needs to be done about cyber-bullying.” (Teen Ink) “Schools need to take action, suspension are a great fix to cyber bullies and bullies.” (Teen Ink) Schools tend to get in trouble for taking action on things that are done outside of school. When schools adopt codes of conduct they should apply in and out of school and set consequences up front. (Scholastic Teacher) When cyber-bullying has been committed it’s most essential at school, therefore it should be handled at school.


Schools should get more rules and consequences on cyber-bullying. Students who cyber-bully should face real consequences whether it’s with the law or at school. “All bullies should be suspended from school, including cyber-bullies.” (Teen Ink) “Students should get kicked out of extra-curriculum activities.”(Weebly) “There can be some serious consequences for cyber-bullying. Most states have updated their laws that include electronics / cyberspace harassment.”(Weebly) “Some cases of cyber-bullying such as hacking, password or identity theft and stalking are all criminal charges.” (Weebly)

Cyber-bullying has a very negative impact on the victims. Victims of cyber-bullying often deal with depression and other fatal mental problems. “There is a large amount of youths that experience cyber-bullying and they are more likely to have mental disabilities.” (DeNisso, Alison) Cyber-bullying causes negative behaviors and poor emotions. “Some negative behaviors consist of: poor concentration, low school achievements and absences from school.” (Effects of Cyber-bullying) “Some negative emotions consist of anger, sadness, hurts feelings, embarrassment, and being afraid.” (Effects of Cyber-bullying)



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