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Customer Service

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Customer service is an essential part of today’s business model. Providing a good customer service is one of the goals of the business. With a good customer service a business can retain its customers and with a bad customer service it can lose its customers.

The market for online shopping is growing tremendously. I prefer online shopping because it is time saving, easy, and efficient. One of the most online market that I used is Amazon. I am very satisfied with the customer service that the Amazon provides. This may be the reason why I shopped frequently at Amazon.

The first thing I liked about Amazon is they provide free returns. With online shopping we never know the conditions of the product we are getting. Quite a few times, I have received few defective products while shopping at the Amazon. In such case, I contact the customer service of the Amazon and they provide me a free shipping label to return their product.

The second thing that I am impressed with Amazon is the number of ways I can contact the customer service of Amazon. I can either email the customer service or live chat with customer service personnel or voice chat through phone with a customer service representative.

        The last thing that I am impressed with Amazon customer service is the option they provide to compensate their customers. They either provide a full refund for the return of the defective product or provide discounts on the defective product if a customer want to keep the defective product. One time, I bought a new smartphone from Amazon. When I received the phone, there was a little scratch on the back cover of the phone. I took the pictures of the scratch and I emailed the Amazon customer service with pictures and an invoice for the purchase order. Next day, I received reply for the complaint and they gave me the option to keep the same phone at a lower price or to exchange the phone for new one. Since, the damaged was not that big, I decided to keep the phone at a discounted price.



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