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Customer Service

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Customer Service


The chosen organization is the Disney Corporation. Simply put, its customer base is everyone in search of entertainment. Its various segments have something to offer the differing tastes off most every entertainment consumer. The Disney Studio Entertainment segment is composed of multiple motion picture companies that offer movies for children, teens and adults and in varying genre. The same is true for the Disney Media Networks segment. Its most renowned segment is Disney Parks and Resorts also, which offers experiences for all ages, albeit it focuses in bringing out the kid in everyone. Disney's marketing focuses on the family as the customer and its brand image is centered on that. Each customer's needs and values differ depending on the particular segment of this corporation. However, there is a common denominator and that is the best entertainment experience for the customer's money.

Customer Service Standards

For the customer service standard exercise, I have chosen the Disney Park and Resort segment of the Disney Corporation. This segment is what most people relate to when they hear the name Disney.

Dear Castmember,

Though not all castmembers interact with the customer on regularly, these standards will apply to all employees of this segment as even the chance interaction can affect the brand image tremendously. First and foremost, as a castmember it is important to learn the values that this company promotes to make our brand stand out above the competition. Innovation is an integral part of our tradition.

* The highest standard of excellence is what we strive for.

* Only high-quality standards will be maintained.

* Develop ideas that are positive and inclusive of families.

* Provide entertainment that all generations can share.

* Hope, aspiration and positive resolutions; that's entertainment.

* Honor and respect the trust given by others.

* Laughing at ourselves and our experiences is what fun is all about (Disney Online, n.d., Careers).

The following guidelines have been established to provide uniformity in our practices and to maximize the customer experience during their visit



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