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Cultural Values And Personal Ethics Paper

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Cultural Values and Personal Ethics Paper

Individuals on a daily basis deal with personal, organizational and cultural values. It is important that an individual learns to understand the differences between each and how it pertains to them. The intent of this paper is to identify values that are important personally, organizationally, and culturally, and the effects that these values have on decision making in regards to our personal and professional life.

Personal Values

Personal values are what defines and guides individuals' daily activities as well as their thoughts, determining how they will face the world or even relate with other individuals, through their personal conduct:

* Are they honest?

* Are they trustworthy?

* Are they reliable?

* Do they have a good attitude?

* What are their beliefs?

* How do they interact with others?

* What is their involvement in a career?

Every Individual has values and those values are prioritized, by their higher hierarchy of values, showing through how they invest their time, by doing what they value most. An individual who values their status in society will spend their extra time in community activities. An individual, who values their family, will spend their extra time with their family. Some times these values can lead to conflict, such as an individual who needs to build up their business but also feels the need to be with family.

Organizational Values

Organizational values are defined by the organization's policies in which dictates what the Organizations codes of conduct and ethical principles are. These codes of conduct are what the organization are the accepted or expected norms of behavior for the individual employees of the organization. These written codes may include:

* Impartiality; objectivity

* Openness; full disclosure

* Confidentiality

* Professional responsibilities

* Drug use

* Conflict resolution

* Use of organizations property for personal use

Organization values can become a challenge for the employer, because if they are not maintained, an individual can make decisions based on their own beliefs and those may not fit into the organizational value structure, creating a negative outcome.

Labor and Industries in 2004, found themselves in the public eye, due to some of their own employees violating the age you know ncies rules by the miss use of the states resources. These employees were sending out in appropriate messages of a pornographic nature: sexual activities, parties, multiple partners etc. The department fired 6 of the employees and then put several on probation and then rewrote the agencies policy so they would be more clear on the acceptable use of the state resources:

Use of Computer Resources, E-Mail & Internet

General Topic: Information Technology Policy #: 7.30

Subject: Use of Computer Resources, E-Mail & Internet Issued: January 24, 2002 (supersedes policy dated 4/13/00)

Contact: Assistant Director or Electronic Data Security Manager, Information Services See also: WAC 292-110-010; AP2.08; Definitions

Purpose and Description

This policy establishes the Department's position regarding the proper business and personal use of computer technology, electronic mail, and the Internet by employees, contractors, or any other persons using state technology resources.


L&I technology is available and intended for official business use which supports the agency's goals and priorities. State law does permit some limited personal use of technology, electronic mail, and the Internet by employees under very specific rules. This policy is intended to clearly state these rules at L&I so that all employees and users can comply in a responsible manner.

Risk Statement

Improper or illegal use of L&I technology resources poses serious risk and liability to both the department and the individual employee. These risks include but are not limited to:

* loss of public trust in L&I/State services;

* service and performance interference;

* financial loss;

* illegal activity;

* loss of network or operational integrity; and

* charges or other legal consequences related to sexual harassment, racism, or improper access to or dissemination of information

Most technology usage is recorded and therefore available for review by both internal and external sources. These built-in logs and tracking mechanisms provide an audit trail of employee use of technology, and are available to detect improper or illegal use. All employees must be aware that these records are reproducible, are not private, and may be subject to disclosure under public disclosure laws (AP2.08).

A. Employees shall use state provided technology, electronic mail, and Internet in a manner that is consistent with public service and trust, and contributes to the overall business integrity and organizational effectiveness of L&I.

B. Technology resources are to be used only for business purposes or limited personal use appropriate for the work place, as established in this policy.

C. Limited personal use that is not business related must be approved by an employee's manager or supervisor.

D. L&I management may authorize limited personal use of technology to promote organizational effectiveness or enhance job-related skills.

E. The responsibility and accountability for the appropriate use of L&I technology resources lies with the individual employee and his/her supervisor.

F. Any employee who observes prohibited use of technology should report it to a supervisor, the Office of Human Resources, or another appropriate person within L&I so that corrective or preventative action can be taken.



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