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Cultural Differences Between Genders

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Essay Preview: Cultural Differences Between Genders

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Differences Between Genders

Gender Differences

Between Males and Females


Does it feel like you are talking to a person from another planet when you are communicating with the opposite sex? Many people have done research and written many books about this hot topic. But why does it still seem to affect each sex so much even after all the research has been done? This may be due to the lack of gender understanding with someone not of your same sex. Gender understand in my opinion is the comprehension about the opposite sex that you are not familiar with. People need to try themselves to be more understanding about these issues. Because when you are understanding towards different genders it enables you to think out side of the world that you have come to know, and be more opened minded towards things your not so knowledgeable about.

The biggest and most important factor between opposite sexes is the reasons we act the way we do. Let's say for example a female thinks she looks fat in a dress, and she asks her boyfriend if he also thinks she does. What should the boy say? Should he tell her the truth and that she looks fat in the dress or should he tell her what she wants to hear, that he thinks she looks great. Now the main difference here is that males tend to be for the most part honest in these situations, because males don't seem to get hurt as much by the truth. It's all part of the macho ego that guys wear on their sleeves. But women tend to want to make people feel better even if it's not the truth. ( Sommers, C.H. (2006, June 19) Men or Women: Which is the more generous sex? Retrieved September 24, 2006 from,pubID.24564/pub_detail.asp)

I have noticed with girls that if they ask you a question and they say they want an honest answer, that 50% of the time what they really want is an answer that will make them happy. For instance, my girlfriend once asked me if I thought she was being rude about something she said to her sister and I told her yes. Now throughout our relationship she has said that she wants honesty, but what I have come to find out is that she wants honesty about me not so much about her. It seems to me that girls are not very forward with guys about what they really want and I believe that this is where a lot of the confusion comes in.

Now we need to discuss exactly why it is so important to understand why certain sexes do and say certain things. The reason for this is so that we can all gain knowledge, and maybe sympathy for both sexes on what they go through just trying to communicate with someone not of their sex. You always hear women complaining that men need to be more emotional and show that they care. And you always hear men complaining that women are too emotional and needy. But here's what we need to realize is that if both sexes didn't act differently and we all acted the same that we would initially be the same. People seem to forget that one of the reasons which make's us different is the way we act. (Bailey-Lloyd, C. (2005, May 13). Are Men and Women Really from Different Planets? Ezine Articles. Retrieved September 26, 2006, from




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