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Cuban Missile Crisis

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Cuban Missile Crisis

For centuries, Unites States involvement in foreign affairs was virtually nonexistent. Yet, with time, our nation evolved from a diplomatic island to a central continent of diplomacy. This started with the growth of industrialism in Cuba under the guiding hand of President Theodore Roosevelt. The importance of foreign affairs steadily escalated with both world wars and peaked with the rise of Soviet power and the onset of the Cold War. Kennedy and the United States quickly becoming a major power in world diplomacy, the role of presidency expanded as well. With the discovery of USSR missiles in Cuba, Kennedy faced not only a diplomatic crisis, but also a deadly threat to the nations national security. Kennedy using his Constitutional power as commander-in-chief and his political power as chief diplomat, Kennedy successfully and justifiably attempted to remove the USSR missiles. Given these powers, Kennedy's reaction to the Cuban Missile Crisis followed both political and constitutional constraints. So did John F. Kennedy and the United States use proper manners as they responded to USSR's military actions in Cuba?

One can believe John F. Kennedy and the United States did react within proper political and constitutional constraints and one can believe they did not. In what such way did they act in proper manners you ask? When Fidel Castro was appointed the new president of Cuba he was sick of all the American industries located in Cuba. Fidel told United States to leave their country and started to run his country as a dictatorship. John F. Kennedy did not like Fidel Castro's movement so he trained exiled Cubans to rise up and take over Cuba. (Cuban Missile Crisis Movie). When United States tried to secretly attack Cuba using exiled Cubans to do their dirty work, unfortunately the plan did not work as planned and the United States betrayed the exiled Cubans and pissed Cuba off. I believe the United States acted in an unconstitutional way because they had no right to do this, if Cuba wanted to kick us out and say all trades and economic assistance is off and run their own country then let them do so. So Cuba asked USSR for aid. USSR started deploying nuclear missiles and troops in Cuba. USSR acted in proper manners of the world law. When they aided Cuba with missiles and troops this was not illegal, the United States was just fearful of what could happen in this scenario.

When USSR deployed its aid to Cuba the United States began to get ready for war. After the United States confirmed that there were actually missiles in Cuba with photographs taken by planes, they had decided on a naval blockade. Fidel Castro noted, there was nothing illegal about the missile installations, they were certainly a threat to the U.S., but similar missiles aimed at the USSR were in place in Europe. There was concern of the Soviet's reaction to the blockade; it might



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