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Cry The Beloved Country

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People don't see how much their lives are alike until they actually take the time to realize and learn about the past and present. This comes into action in the book Cry, The Beloved Country with the two main characters. James Jarvis and Stephen Kumalo's don't realize how their lives are alike until their sons are dead or on trial to be hung. They both start to understand each other and help each other out as they have more things in common in their lives. They both have love for each other from the grief of their lives. By seeing how much their lives are alike they start to change the African world with their new ideas together with blacks and whites.

James Jarvis and Stephen Kumalo don't realize how their lives are alike until dramatic things happen in their life. Stephen's son, Absalom has murdered James Jarvis's son, Arthur. Absalom robbed places and got kicked out of houses for bad behavior all the time. He got a girl pregnant and murdered a decent white guy named Arthur. He slowy matures when going through the trial admitting to killing him and leaving all his money to the child when it's born. He is terrified of dieing but comes into term with it. James Jarvis should want revenge towars Stephen Kumalo but instead is very kind after reading Arthur's essay. He learns more about what Arthur's ideas were and what he thought and wants to continue this.

James and Stephen become very close as they both learn alot about their son after their dead. Stephen takes the time the night before his son is hung to spend with God. He then realized everything that has happened. It was too late to help his son but not too late to get to know his son. Both father's took time for granted like the quote, "but such a thing is not done lightly." They both don't dwell on the past though. Instead they think about the future and learn from Arthur's essay and want to start the new generation out learning the right things.

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