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Crucible Essay

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Crucible Essay

In The Crucible there are many characters that are viewed as hypocritical. The way The Crucible shows hypocrisy represents some of the ways hypocrisy is today. Many of the characters play off that they are holy and pure but many of them are doing awful things. One character who is hypocritical is John Proctor, who acts like he is respectful and pure when he committed adultery with Abigail Williams. In the play he says he didn’t commit adultery and tries to hide it, but eventually he confesses about it. Another hypocritical character would be Reverend Hale. In the play, he is trying to take Giles Corey’s land and blame the witchcraft trials on why he is taking his land. Hale wants Giles to be convicted so the town can take his land. Giles ends up being crushed because he wouldn’t talk when be questioned. At the end of the play some of the characters who were convicting all the people of being witches started backing out and realizing that they were killing innocent people. Parris for example wants to stop killing all the people because he wants to save his good name and not have people blame him for all the dead innocent people.

In the play it represents hypocrisy today. The Crucible shows hypocrisy in the church and government. I think there is alot of hypocrisy in the church and government today. Being a catholic I’ve noticed many hypocrites who are in the church. The catholic church will tell you to be good when everyone makes mistakes. Usually in the church you have people who think they are almighty and pure when they are just the same as you are and make the same mistakes. There is also hypocrites in government. For example politicians we’ll making smoking bans when they smoke. The Crucible shows hypocrisy and it relates to modern day hypocrites.



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