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Cross Culture Analysis

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Cross culture analysis

Class Size is the first noticeable similarity at the middle school and high school level.  Teachers typically teach classes with 55 to 65 students. And from what I have seen the student teacher ratio is pretty much the same. In Zimbabwe the students wear a special uniform and start the school day at 07:00. Once a week there is a pledge to the national flag. Lessons are focused on note-taking and repetition. Group exercises are undertaken. The pupils are to clean their own classrooms. There are two meal breaks in a 12-hour day and all these are all aspects that are in china. Another similarity is the discipline instilled in the students which strike me as the same, Chinese students play active and important roles (zhirisheng) in sweeping the classrooms, scrubbing the steps, serving meals, being class monitors, and helping teachers which is also the same in Zimbabwe. The most noticeable difference is the grading system an A in China starts at 90% whilst an A in Zimbabwe starts at 70 %. Also, the way of teaching Zimbabwe is more of active participation whereby students research on a particular topic rather than the teacher dictate notes and lectures to the students as in china. All being said a big difference between the Chinese education mode and the Zimbabwean education mode is that China is more advanced in their education than Zimbabwe

I believe both china and Zimbabwe are on the verge of active empowerment of women in society. Traditional Chinese social values discourage women’s participation in politics, particularly as relates to external affairs. However, that trend is likely to change soon in the foreseeable future. Zimbabwe and china both strive to empower women against former tradition. This was seen when Zimbabwe’s first vice female vice president emerged in 2004.

China is such a huge and socially diverse country that any attempt to generalize its social customs here would be folly. An acceptable custom in Shanghai may be completely offensive in Xian however there are some customs which are general. In China, family names come first, then given names which is different in Zimbabwe. Another difference is that Chinese Traditional custom holds that it is unhealthy to swallow phlegm henceforth people spit everywhere. Another difference is the richness of a Chinese consist of many food stuffs and a lot of food at the same time which is different from Zimbabwe whereby we only eat one plate of sadza the staple food. Another dietary habit which is different from Zimbabwe’s are cold beverages. Water and other cold beverages are rarely served during dinner. Chinese prefer to drink hot tea or soup. Soda and juices are considered a dessert and will be served after the main meal. A similarity that I have notice between zimbabwe and China is that people like to eat as a family on the same table which promotes unity among family members.



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