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Essay Preview: Crooked

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Laura and Tom McNeal

Copy Write 1999

Pages 346

Laura McNeal grew up in Arizona, South Carolina, New Mexico, and Utah. She has a master in fiction writing from Syracuse University, and is a graduate of Brigham University. She taught middle school and high school English before become a full time journalist.

Tom McNeal worked as a milkman, a Disneyland ride operator, and a creative writing teacher at Stanford University. He received maters in fine arts. He is an author of many short stories and a novel (Goodnight, Nebraska).

Laura and tome are married and live in southern California, with their son "Samuel", and a jeep, and of course they have to have an animal with is their Lop-eared Doberman Pinscher.

Main Characters:

Clara Wilson- she didn't have a straight nose, she was always worried about it!

Amos McKenzie-

The Tripp Brothers- The biggest delinquents in the town. The brothers smash mailboxes, shoplift, and any other crimes that you can possible think of.

Gerri- Clara's best friend

This book is about a young girl having a crooked nose and a feeling that he parents are fighting again, it always happened when her father was out of town on business, her mother was always in a gloomy mood when he was gone for long trips* this soon to became that her parents where soon to be separated. Clara Wilson is losing

her best friend, Gerri is beginning to think that she wants to be in a poplar group, she is running in circles, but she had a really big crush on this boy names Amos, but she didn't know what to do about him.

Amos wasn't the most popular boy in school, until he started to hang out with more and more people, eventually become a "milk boy", sailing drugs, and going



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