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Critical Thinking Case

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The company Morales would like to expand the company’s good name on the island of Kava. It is located in the South Pacific makes it a challenging task at hand to get the Morales name out to the locals of Kava. Surveying and scouting the area is one way the Morales can get the essence of the island. With gathering the essence Morales is able to understand what the natives need from the businesses that are funding their economy. What can Morales do to assist in making Kava a better place to live, spite all the challenges it faces on a day to day basis.

Having a business on an island in a far away country is just one of the many challenges that Morales will have to face. Weather is a major factor on the ability to do business on the island of Kava. The location of Kava is subject to tidal waves/tsunamis, typhoons, tornados, floods, volcanic eruptions and earthquakes are just to name a few, challenges that the locals and businesses have to face. With over 50% of the island’s natives being under the age of 15 years old it makes it difficult to gather the manpower that is will take to hold a good presence in the area.

Other issues that Kava faces are the country has to worry about the treat of terrorism inside and outside the borders. Having to constantly be worried about terrorism on a day to day basis is an incredible feet to overcome for any business. To have a business in the middle of all the chaos of the possible threat of terrorism can make the day to day operations extremely difficult. You don’t know if a shipment coming into the company’s facility is anything to be worried about with the danger of violence.

When speaking of the locals on the island of Kava one has to address the medical issues that are profoundly present throughout the population. The area is at high risk for avian flu, HIV/AIDS, other diseases that are native to Kava. With the population have a good number of people who are dealing with these kinds of issues if makes doing business easier said than done with the country of Kava giving their heart and soul to help the business at large we are in good shape. Finding locals that know what the locals are wanting and needing is key factors in making the business grow within Kava. Working with the locals and get a sense of what the community is need will help with that development. Gathering the locals and extracting what the wants and what the needs will help in what kind of approach that Morales will have.

A solution to doing business on the island of Kava is teaming up with the government. The government is in dire straits and needs outside help to blossom the local economy. Without the economy there is not country or town. Morales employees need to get out and live what everyone else is living to truly understand what is needed to grow as a company. Visiting other local businesses is a way of getting to know what your competition and finding out where the lack in service is.

With the challenges that the island of Kava faces on a day to day routine it is amazing that the country is doing as well as it. If Morales stays and continues to do business in Kava not only it will help the economy but it will help many families that are just trying to survive on the island. Giving back to a community that is not as fortunate as other countries is a magnificent contribution that Morales can take. Giving local people, adults and young adults, the change to train and learn a skill is one of the greatest gifts to give to someone. The old saying give a man a fish he will live for a day or teach a man to fish he will eat for a life time is what is needed on the island of Kava. If Morales can start training the up and coming next generation than not only the company will benefit the community will be able to thrive.

Having an after school program will help with the teaching Kava’s population that consist of more than half is a first-rate idea that will allow the company to maintain longevity. With this type of program it gives the next generation a skill that they are able to take with them throughout their lives. Without implementing a program such as this it will allow the community to not have a longevity that a country needs to survive. Economics will take a turn for the worse and the country will be in a state of non growth. Any country that is facing non growth is a country that will crumble.

With the weather being a factor of Morales being on the island of Kava located in the South Pacific and being able to do business. One solution that can be made to assist in correcting it is making sure that the materials that are use to create the building it is an excellent start. Another benefit that the company of Morales could entertain is teaming up with the local government. Having the government backing would set a positive present throughout the community. Local people will see that the government is willing to lend a hand to Morales and would want to be a part of it all. This will encourage economic growth throughout the community of Kava.

With involving the government and local population will keep the economy thriving. People are able to afford to support their families and businesses are able to continue to do what they need to do. The down for with having the government backing Morales is it may turn off some of the local people. Some native businesses and people may have issues with the government and will not do any type of business at all with a company that is backed by the government. Not to mention that having a Morales is a company that is from another country half a world away that can cause issues in trying to get the name out in the public eye. There are people to this day that



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