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Critical Review of the Movie ''young Victoria''

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Essay Preview: Critical Review of the Movie ''young Victoria''

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Albert’s encouraging, Victoria deal with this problem successfully and build her self-confidence. At the beginning of their life after marriage, Queen Victoria didn’t allowed to share throne with Price Albert because she was still worry about under other’s control, she didn’t believe Prince Albert completely. Thus, in order to prove his loyalty to Queen Victoria, he protected Queen Victoria from the shooting and hurt himself in Conroy’s attack. After this attack, Victoria regret and start to share power with Albert. Finally, they dominate the British Empire until the death of Price Albert in 14 December 1861, and left 9 kids who become the royal of different country in Europe and North American.

The love story between young Victoria and the Prince Albert was the most famous and romantic story in the history, thus, as a large number of TV series and movies which talk about the story of them, this movie Young Victoria is also constructed by their love story. However, most of the TV series and movies include the Young Victoria doesn’t always follow the truth of Victorian history. Perhaps in order to increasing the dramatic tension, some fact in the Young Victoria against the truth of Queen Victoria in the history books. In the movie, both of the Victoria and Prince Albert were just an involuntary piece in another’s political game. Each of Victoria’s relationship in the movie is predominantly depicted with historical accuracy. However, the movie contains several elements that are not historically accurate but exactly express the notion of characters. For example, the Prince Albert has never been shooting during the assassination attempt on the Queen Victoria. Also, William Lamb, 2nd Viscount Melbourne , who was prime minister when Victoria came to the throne and a political mentor to the young queen, was forty years her senior, but is portrayed as a much younger man in the film.

Finally, compare to other movies and TV series of Victorian



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