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Responsible or Not

There are many reasons why criminals commit the crimes that they do. Many researchers have tried to find out why but many seem to have just established excuses. In my mind unless a person has a severe mental disability established by many evaluations and psychologist recommendations in which it severely impacts their judgment and the way they process information there is no excuse for murder or any other serious actions. As the saying goes, "if you can't do the time don't do the crime."

By holding crimnals responsible for their action it helps to keep society a safer place to live. As stated in the book crime can only be prevented through a strict policy of social control. Criminologists advocate measures such as capital punishment and mandatory sentences. By getting everyone on the same page it will send a clear message to potential crime offenders that if they commit the crime that specific actions will happen. The criminal law which is the written code that defines crimes and their punishments reflect the values, beliefs, and opinions of society's mainstream as stated with the text clearly in my opinion shows that many people are involved to make sure everything is clear and based on society consensus. As we discussed in class people are born with the capability to learn what's wrong and right.

Theorist have tried to convince juries that indivduals commit crimes due to temporary insanity, poor economic conditions, and depression but these actions are all brought on by what that person has done. I realize that there are significant reasons to why people may commit crimes but they still know right from wrong. Once cases are closed many criminals will often say that they knew what they did was bad but they were just so enraged and overcome with anger



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