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Crime - an Issue with Human Society

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Crime is an act or omission, forbidden and punishable at law since unsafe to the human beings living in society and special course of actions and procedures are provided in law to punish lawbreaker. Moreover, crime is inevitable in any human society around the globe. It is interrelated with human society and is a primary concern of every human being. It takes place out of the social contracts of individuals where rules of conduct are over looked and in critical violations, the violation was termed as crime and society undertook to punish the criminal since it was the duty of the society to protect the society.  When people started living in groups and afterward in communities. They may make some rules to control conduct of member of team. With the passage of time the population of these groups increased and converted into large nations.  Those rules and regulations which were implemented the heads of tribe were automatically transferred to States of Governments. Governments setup separate law enforcement agencies to deal with criminals and punish them. (Farooq, 2012)

Recently case in 21th May 2018, the police have detained four men linked to a robbery at a goldsmith shop in a mall in Damansara Jaya on 18th May 2018. The case was 6 robbers gunned down in a shootout with the police because they robbery worth about RM400,000 at a goldsmith shop. The case is being investigated under the Malaysia laws which is deal with criminals and punish them. (Bernama, 2018) Besides that, according to Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Mohamad Fuzi Harun, He said that the statistics of crime index dropped by 11.7 percent last year (2017) compared to 2016. Between January and March 15 this year (2018), the crime index showed a drop of 9.7% while violent crimes and property crimes dropped by 16.2% and 7.9% respectively compared to the same period last year (2017). However, despite a lower crime index, the fear of crime was still prevalent among the community. (Camoens, 2018).

Reason for selecting rising crime.

Recently, crime is become heavy and have bring many negative impacts on economy, and community as well. We have selected the topic of rising crime for review because it is importance that community have a need to more understand about crime. This is because, on the responsibility prevention of crime is not only at police force, but also community. Community always have the responsibility in prevent crime, but normally community was lack of sense of personal safety and potential victimization by crime. They without the knowledge about different type of crime, how and when the crime can potentially occur and the impact of crime will bring to the society. Other than that, community also without the knowledge about the way to confront crime, they do not know what they need to do when crime happen. By understanding about crime may help in reduce crime. This is because, community may know how to detect any potential crime and also the way to do in order to lower losses and victimization when crime is happening. This is the reason why we choose rising crime, we wish community can more focus on understanding crime.

The second reason for why we select rising crime is to Educate everyone to learn about the consequences of crime and establish community standards and policies that reject crimes. I hope everyone can cooperate to reduce, combat and reject crime. Parents, government, police and public play an important role in educate people about the consequences of commit crime. For the people who commit crime will not easy to get job, look down by people and will get legal sanctions. In addition, Kuala Lumpur police chief Datuk Mazlan Lazim said the increase in snatch theft and robbery was due to public's lack of sensitivity to their valuable items thus providing criminals the opportunity to commit crime. Therefore, this remind public to be vigilant, be careful of their belongings and not walk alone in the dark street, this could reduce the chances for people to commit crime. Next, parents may be too busy to earn a living to support the family that they do not realize that they have neglected their children’s emotional needs for good spiritual and moral guidance. Due to their busyness, such parents also do not spend enough quality time with their children, causing the children to feel lonely and in greater need of companionship from their peers. So if the peers group are bad, they will prompting them to do the bad things like gangsterism. Therefore, parents should spend more time with their children and know what their children doing every day in order to reduce the chances of their children involve in gangsterism.  By choosing this segment, I think Malaysians need to practise civic consciousness in rendering help to victims, especially if the victims have been injured due to the snatch theft or other matters. Where possible, nab the snatch thieves and hand them over to the authorities. All parties should work in one mind to fight for the crime cases which happens in our society.

Review on report

Crime issue has always been ‘the’ news in Malaysian media, especially on TV and newspapers. One of the hottest news is snatch theft cases. Snatch theft is getting more and more furious. This issue has given a great impact to the society and creates a sense of anxiety, fear and panic which will threaten the safety of people in Malaysia as well as affect our image. Snatch theft and robbery crime index 2017 in Kuala Lumpur rose to 1,010 cases compared to 640 cases for the same period of 2016. One of the reasons is because of easy targets. Usually snatch theft target are woman (especially old ladies) and youngsters who carrying valuable items like handbags, purse and smartphone. We agree with this statement. In our opinion, this issue has been increase steadily for a long time is because of low awareness on crime preventions. Although snatch thieves cases are not fresh for them, we can still see people wearing jewelleries or carrying handbags without worrying whether their belonging will become the target of snatch theft.

According to the news of the TheSunDaily, one of the factors that may have contributed to the increase of snatch thefts is people's attitude of being careless and not vigilant with their own belongings, giving the opportunity for thieves to strike. (Appendix 1). Besides that, this will cause loss of valuable items and also threaten people’s life. There is a case happen in Setapak, a motorcycle snatch thieves grabbed a smartphone from a pedestrian as he was recording a Facebook Live video (Appendix 2). The victim, who was on his way to Masjid Idaman for Aidiladha prayers, had decided to capture the festive atmosphere in his Setapak neighbourhood on Facebook Live as he walked to the mosque. As he panned left and right, the two snatch thieves, coming from the opposite direction, grabbed his phone, and after a brief struggle, the snatch thieves ran away. This has serve as a lesson to us not to use the mobile phones while walking on the street and be careful and aware of the things that happen of your surroundings. (Sundaily, 2018)



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