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Crews Keep Beer Flowing

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At I.H. Caffey, all focus is trained on special project KSF.

KSF, or "Keep the Suds Flowing," is what Samet Corp. project managers have dubbed the job, which they are managing for the beer distributing company hit hard three weeks ago by a tornado. It's a moniker meant in fun, but at the bottom line, it's a fitting name for the multimillion-dollar project that is, after all, about maintaining the lifeline of the $100 million company.

Work at the West Market Street facility is expected to take until mid-autumn to complete, Samet Corp. construction managers said this week. The price tag for the entire restoration is still under review by insurance adjusters, but it is expected to run as high as $3.5 million, said Caffey Chief Financial Officer Bill Richardson.

In the midst of daily changing work routines, everyone on-site still seems to manage a smile. But this is serious business for I.H. Caffey, at the height of its busiest season. The twister touched down near midnight May 8 at the eastern end of the parking lot and proceeded to plow through a central truck-loading area.

"When the tornado came through the doors, it created a vacuum and pulled the roof up and dropped it back down," said Keith Stacey, superintendent of special projects for Samet, based in Greensboro. The force collapsed or damaged walls and twisted steel beams like licorice whips.

I.H. Caffey remained on generator power earlier this week. Enough of the loading bay has been cleared, and temporary lighting installed, for workers to load trucks during the day again and on a limited basis at night.

But the work routines of Caffey's 150 employees will likely remain disrupted for several months as reconstruction continues.

Richardson said his workers joke about their



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