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Credit Card Debt

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Essay Preview: Credit Card Debt

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Every concept offers a leeway that people can take advantage of. When people are offered the option to use credit as an alternative for cash, it is a cinch that some of them would utilize the opportunity to default on the payment. This phenomenon gives rise to the biggest problem associated with credit cards - bad debts. A credit card enhances the spending ability of a person. Although they gain financial flexibility through the credit concept, they lose the flexibility of managing one's funds. Once card debts rise, it is certain that your future spending power would plummet. A lot of people have experienced this the hard way. Credit card debts can stress you out. To ensure that you do not grapple with an incessantly climbing credit card debt, you must follow a systematic credit management plan.

The first and foremost step that you must take to reduce your credit card debts is to stop using the credit card. It will, of course, lead to a handicap in terms of possessing a payment alternative. However, you must realize that the greater the debt, longer will be the time you would take to clear it. Although an 'only-cash' option can be a frightening thought, you must take this step to ensure that you do not accumulate debts further.

If you have multiple credit cards, design a systematic plan of repayment. Prepare a table that includes the owed amount, interest rate, minimum payment and the due date for each of your credit cards. The information will help you prioritize your payments. Once you have your payment plan ready, develop strategies to reduce your debts methodically. The most important strategy is to repay the amount owed on cards with high interest rates. High interest can eat into your monthly payments by way of finance charges. By clearing off the debts on these cards, you can free up your funds for payment on other cards. Another alternative to this is paying off the debts on cards with the least balances. In doing so, you have additional funds to pay for your larger balances.

Credit card companies specify a minimum amount that you must pay to remain in good credit standing. The second important step is to ensure that your minimum payments are made before the due date. You need to adjust your monthly spending limits to be able to pay off the minimum balances on all your credit cards. Additionally, it is always better not to stick to the minimum balance all the time. If you owe a large amount, it could take you ages to repay the debt entirely. Moreover, the interest will also grow to a sizeable amount. If possible, try to pay more than the minimum balance and pay off your debts as soon as possible.

When you have multiple credit cards, you would be tempted to use them. So, to avoid this, lock them up in a locker and tuck your key away in a place you are not going to easily find. Alternatively, you can also give it to a friend or somebody you trust if you feel you cannot resist the temptation to use the card. Perhaps, you could have one card with you to use in case of an emergency.

Now that you have stopped using your card and ended the possibility of adding



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