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Creative Account

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They had lost the most important battle of their lives. The Unionized Civil Service Technical Guild of Local 375, part of DC37 was defeated in their battle to gain an increase in wages for their members. The battle stretched over what seemed to be an eternity, however when the smoke settled, there was a victor. Outmatched and out-financed, the Union was defeated by the local government.

That was just the beginning. Before long they wanted a symbol, an embodiment of their victory. They wanted to make an example out of the union leader. Atlas Jones was chosen to take the punishment for their so-called "revolt."

First, the media spread the charge.

"He forced the strike!"

"He deserves jail time!"

"He is responsible for blue collar families losing out on millions of dollars!"

The newspapers, television, and political fervor grew against him.

The blame grew heavier as the government turned him into an unpatriotic figure who worked for his own self interest.

He was followed everywhere. The spotlight seemed to weigh his shoulders down like lead. It roped around the once proud neck, dragging his head down, to lower that piercing glare.

"What would they do if I let go?" He thought. "Do I live to see them grinding out the rest of their lives in the same miserable existence that they had before? Ð'...or do I drop them down to an even more destitute existence?" The battle raged in his mind. "I cannot fail. I cannot let them think they have enslaved me."



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