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Corrie Ten Boom Book Review

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The book “The Hiding Place” is a book written by author Cornelia (Corrie) Ten Boom. Corrie was a women who had experienced a lot within her live and she lived until the age of ninety-one years old.  She wrote the book “The Hiding Place” with John and Elizabeth Sherrill’s help.  Corrie was a kind, and caring women who was raised to be a very Christian women. She was very educated on what took place in history as she lived through it and experience it herself. Corrie and her family lived through World War II.  Corrie has wrote many books in her life not just “The Hiding Place” some include “Plenty for Everyone”, “This Day Is the Lord’s”, and “Reflections of God’s Glory”.  She has also written many books about her Christian faith. Corrie is very qualified to write about this subject as she and her family have lived through her experience that she writes about it in her book.  

This book is about Corrie and her family which was her sister (Betsie), her mother, who passed away when Corrie was a young adolescent, and her dad, who was the owner of a jewelry shop that made watches. Corrie explained in her book that they spend many hours at her dads shop with him but when she wasn’t there she enjoyed gardening.  The main thing that happened in this book that Corrie talks a lot about it her experience living through. When the Jewish community was shook because of World War II, Corrie became part of the underground, which was in charge of hiding and keeping the Jewish people from danger because of the raids that would take place with the Nazi’s. Corrie and her dad made another secret room in her house where they could go and hide until the raid is over and one time they even had to stay in there for 3 days.  This room was build off of her room, they made a fake wall and it was just a 2 foot by 2 foot room, which had to house as many as 10 people.  This went on for quite a while because they were always warned that the raiders were coming. Until, one day their secret room was found and Corrie, her sister and their father where all taken into the concentration camp but their father wasn’t allowed to be with them.  The living conditions at the concentration camps were very unsanitary and not a good condition to live in and they also were deprived of food to eat.  Later, Corrie said she heard sister became ill and passed away and days later Corrie was actually released from the camp. Later, she found out she wasn’t supposed to be let go from the camp it was done by accident.  Through her whole book Corrie showed her strong faith and her willingness to help out others.  After Corrie was release from the camp she went on to be a women of faith and work in missionary work and it was then when she started to write books as well.



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