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Cookie Dilemma

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Cookie Dilemma

With 84 dozen cookies needed by tomorrow afternoon and four houses to accomplish it, this is what we think would be the easiest way to do it.

Each house will make 22 dozen cookies totaling 88 dozen cookies, this accounts for mishaps. To do this the following calculations were used as guides:

-84 Dozen cookies divided by 4 houses equals 21 dozen per house.

-Two-dozen cookies bake at once equals 11 bake times (giving each house the 22 dozen)

-A bake time is 9-11 minutes, we are giving 15 minutes in our calculations to account for the time to put cookies on sheet, place the sheet in the oven and then remove them.

-15 minutes bake time and 11 bakes needed equal 265 minutes (2 hours and 45 minutes)

-Cooling time is the same as bake time so the issue of only being able to cool two-dozen at one time does not really apply.

-Storage of boxes, with each box holding two-dozen cookies there is only 11 boxes from each house and they can be stacked on the dryer in two piles.

-Preparation time is minimal in that each batch of cookie mix makes four-dozen cookies. Five minutes to mix the first batch and the other batches mixed during a cooking time.

-Cookie mixes, each house has 6 mixes and each mix makes four-dozen which equals 24 dozen.

-Our "thank you" is the extra cookie mix to make two-dozen cookie for your own use.

The opportunity cost is family time spent baking cookies, but remember that 70 percent of the money made is going back into the neighborhood. So in reality you opportunity cost is making cookies to ensure that this is a safe neighborhood for your family.



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