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Converting Inayawan Landfill into a Drug Treatment and Rehabilitation Center

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Essay Preview: Converting Inayawan Landfill into a Drug Treatment and Rehabilitation Center

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Converting Inayawan Landfill into a Drug Treatment and Rehabilitation Center

Case Study

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October 15, 2016


        Cebu City is the fastest growing city in the country, no wonder high-rise residential and commercial buildings sprawls in the city. With development comes consequence, such as overpopulation, social anxiety, peace and order, and uncontrolled generation of wastes. These consequences are the current dilemmas of the city government of Cebu.  

        The city government is currently facing daunting tasks to safeguard its citizens’ welfare by addressing the current issues. To be specific, such major issue is the increase of generation of waste in Cebu City and its continuous dumping in Inayawan sanitary landfill.

        The city mayor planned to recover the sanitary landfill by constructing a golf course when it is already filled but according to DOH Central Visayas, the sanitary landfill has been operating for 17 years when it was only designed to operate for 7 years since it was established in 1995. Even if Inayawan sanitary landfill is rehabilitated, due to its location in the city, it has health concerns to neighboring cities, commercial centers, transportation, and tourism. Thus an immediate closure of the landfill and recovery plans is needed.

Proposed Solution:

        Given that the city government approves the closure and discontinue of dumping of wastes in Inayawan sanitary landfill and alternative dumpsite was already located outside the city, the said 150,000 square meter area should be recovered to prevent unpleasant odors to flow out to near commercial and residential areas.

        Other than golf course to rise on top of the sanitary landfill, there are other feasible projects can be proposed such as an eco-park, parking lot, or directly excavate the landfill mixing it with aggregates to enhance its composition then backfill it to wet areas such as in lagoons or in the sea to reclaim new land for economic zones or expansion of SRP (South Road Properties).

        In alignment with the current situation in the country, the ongoing War on Drugs increased the number of drug addicts and pushers surrendered during the O.Plan Tukhang (tuktuk hangyo “door-to-door pleading”). It was estimated around 740,000 drug surrenderees that needs to be rehabilitated and treated to quit from drug addiction and involvement in drug trafficking. Thus, a proposal for a drug treatment and rehabilitation facility for local or national use is needed to provide an immediate and long term solutions in fighting the War on Drugs campaign. The said facility will be built on top of the Inayawan sanitary landfill.

        The proposed 10,000 to 15,000-bed facility will be designed the same as the 100,000 square meter mega drug rehab facility in Nueva Ecija with programs from detoxification to psychological, social, and behavioral treatment. The facility would also conduct technical and home economic workshops as part of their rehabilitation program so that drug dependents are employable and prevents them from relapse and further involving them in drug trafficking.

Steps Involved:

        Based from existing projects, the average cost per square meter of recovering a sanitary landfill would cost around P3,000 per square meter. Thus, it is expected that the recovery of the 150,000 square meter landfill would cost around P450,000,000 just for stabilizing and decontamination. The cost for stabilizing and decontamination might be varied depending on age and contents of the landfill, amount of groundwater and soil contaminated. It is also estimated to cost P300,000,000 for the construction of the facility depending on the availability of the materials, cover design, and scope of the facility such as including the extraction of gases from wastes to convert it into energy for building operation.



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