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Controversial Article

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"Deer hunting is inhumane no matter the purpose" by Grace Calvert

Grace Calvert thinks it is inhumane to deer hunt, but more specifically around the Cedar Rapids area. "Deer hunting is inhumane no matter the purpose" by Grace Calvert. Nature has its own way to control over population therefore hunting is unnecessary.

Grace's article leaves the readers hanging by ending it with, "I'd like to know how I could get a copy of this report when it is available." In the previous paragraph she talks about hunting in Cedar Rapids is for the "safety" of people driving in their vehicle and how the council of deer task force committee should publish a study of that fact. The article gives no facts or information about how deer hunting is inhumane. Also she only gives one of the many reasons people deer hunt, not only for the safety of people driving.

She assumes that people hunting deer don't use the meat for survival, which is true. No one lives off venison, but many hunters donate their meat to the local meat lockers that turn around and give it to charities. "Hunters in Illinois donated more than 30,600 pounds of venison to the program last year, providing help to families in need in all parts of the state," said Illinois Department of Natural Resources Director Joel Brunsvold. "We are grateful for the support of hunters who donate deer and hundreds of others people who make monetary donations through the Illinois Conservation

Foundation to pay for processing the meat for shipment to food banks, food pantries and local charitable organizations."

She also leaves out many important details about how the laws are enforced and how the DNR comes up with the amount of deer that can be killed in one year without putting a damper on the population. Without talking



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