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When asked the question what was the understanding of the people regarding the distribution of power between God, the emperor, and the church I believe people had the understanding that God was the ultimate power. The church is a vessel at which to worship God. However they also understood that all this could change if the emperor wanted to change. So even though God was the divine the people knew their beliefs could be shaped and interpreted differently according to the emperors preference. Constantine was about change in the church to make it better whether or not it was a sincere or successful change is still a big question.

Constantine it seems wants everyone to know him. I feel that he is doing this to gain power. Even though he may have had good intentions it seems he wanted to get as many followers as possible. It also seems that his conversion was not as pure as it appears. I believe he made a conscious decision to become a Christian. He sees this religion that is so powerful that believers are willing to die before they renounce their faith. Constantine in my opinion saw the possibility of gaining faithful followers. I feel his quest for the throne was just a means to get what he wanted, the empire and faithful followers. However he was kind and gracious to the believers. He allowed some freedom in religion, "Perceiving long ago that religious liberty ought not to be denied, but that it ought to be granted to the judgment and desire of each individual (Ecliptic History)." Freedom to worship as long as it was Christianity. He did this in order to appeal to a larger audience. He wanted to bring in those who may have had a problem with the rigidness of religion before Constantine. He sets out these decrees stating that by his grace he is telling these people that he is setting them free to worship as they please. The people accept this because he is the man in charge.

The articles seem to be propaganda for Constantine. "Thus



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