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Essay Preview: Consciousness

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I believe that consciousness influences my decision making a lot more than I think. For example, I tend to try to plan everything out in my head which usually ends me being stressed and sensitive. We always use our consciousness without knowing.

Consciousness affects our happiness. For example, we think buying a big house, having lots of money, and having a nice car would result us being happy or becoming happy, but that’s not true at all. Flow is a state of optimal experience which leads to three things. One is nothing else matters once you’re at flow. Another is you have intense concentration and no attention for problems or anything else. The last is you tend to lose yourself by being so focused and time just passes by without getting noticed by you. Flow leads you to ecstasy which is an overwhelming feeling of happiness. Often, people say “let them do what makes them happy.” which to them, it might be staying on Facebook all day or watching tv all day; that doesn’t make you happy exactly. That is what you call apathy which is lack of interest.

So, the answer is all that sitting, and lack of interest won’t make you or anyone genuinely happy mentally or physically. It’s just a short-term entertainment for you. Its easier to get up and do something that makes you happy. If you feel like doing it then do it. There is no one who can tell you right from wrong.



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