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Conflikt In Jack London's "To Bild A Fire"

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Essay Preview: Conflikt In Jack London's "To Bild A Fire"

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"To Build a Fire"

All stories need conflicts. In the short story "To Build a Fire" by Jack London, nature is the biggest conflict.The story takes place in the Yukon. The main charector of the story is a middle aged man. The man travels through the Yukon's harsh weather and his biggest conflict is fighting nature it's self.

It starts out when the man ignores the warnings of an old timer. he thinks he can handle nature. One of the old timers warnings was never to travel alone in the Yukon when it is 50 degrees below zero. Well it wasn't it was 70 below zero, and the man's only companion was a dog. When you are freezing a dog is not going to save you.

The man continues to travel even after the old timers warnings. After awile nature starts to get to him he becomes cold and he decides to stop and make a fire . Not long after, he puts it outand decides to continue on his way. The dog does not, but follows his master, his instincts tell him it is to cold.

Later the mans hands start to freeze from the cold air. So do his feet after falling through snow into water. He relizes he needs to make another fire, nature is starting to take over. The first fire goes out, at this point the man recognized nature was strong and could over power him.

After the second fire failed that was it for the man he had lost to nature. His foolishness and the power of nature had killed him. I'm almost positive that if the man had survived his life would have changed and he would never again ingnore what was the biggest conflict of all, nature.



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