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Concert Report

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On June seventh at eight o'clock pm I attended a concert at Beneroya Hall. The concert was part of the Masterpiece series, performed by the Seattle Symphony and conducted by Hermann Michael; also including a special performance by the pianist Hйlиne Grimaud.

The performance included four pieces, two by Ludwig Van Beethoven, one by Maurice Ravel, and the last was by Richard Strauss. The two pieces by Beethoven were; Overture to The Construction of The House, and piano Concerto No. 4 in g major, Op. 58. The piece by Ravel was Pavane for a Dead Princess. Finally the last by Strauss was Death and Transfiguration.

I truly enjoy going to the symphony, the music is quite a bit better than on any type of recording I have ever heard. The segment that I enjoyed the most was the Piano Concerto, because of the pianist Hйlиne Grimaud. Not only was she as expected, fabulous, but her theatrics were completely entertaining. She was so into the music, swaying around almost dancing over the keys. I'm not even sure if her eyes were open half the time. She just made the show.

I also found out that I still have a lot to learn about music, because well after intermission it was enounced that there would be no break between the last two pieces. The last two pieces sounded a lot alike and I never noticed a real break between the two so I'm not sure when the Death and Transfiguration started and when Pavane for a Dead Princess ended. There must be a lot of differences between the two I just never could distinguish what they were.

I will have to spend the rest of my life learning about music that no one else I know likes, and just go to concerts alone, and occasionally tune my radio to KING Fm. But that's ok I will look forward to the challenge. During Intermission I'll just have to strike up conversations about the pieces that were played in the lobby and in the line of the ladies restroom.

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