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Computers Have Become Major Part Of Life

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Essay Preview: Computers Have Become Major Part Of Life

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Computers have become a major part of our lives today. We use them for tests, entertainment, organization, studying, etc. They are a vital essential in the world we live in. Without them the world would fall apart. It is impossible to imagine how people functioned in the old days when computers did not exist. Computers have become almost as smart as us.

In the poem :All watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace, written by Richard Brautigan he is comparing man-made computers with nature which is very ironic. This shows how much computers and electronics really are a part of life. This poem is written in first person perspective, and Brautigan is trying to say how he will not be surprised if he ever sees "A deer stroll peacefully past computers" or "A cybernetic forest filled with pines and electronics. That is how he feels because he believes the use of computers is growing so rapidly like a tree in the forest. Computers will soon take over the world is what he is implying.

The story of Joe and Milton Davidson was actually scary. It is horrid to think that a computer could actually ruin a human beings life. Computers were meant to help humans and assist them in times of need. Computers are not meant to have a brain of their own and actually outsmart a person. The true reality of it all is that computers these days most likely can really do that. It is a scary accusation but Joe the computer can really exist and it could happen to anyone of us. Davidson was oblivious to the fact that Joe was taking over his life.

In out world, strange things happen, especially when we think about something being smarter than us; something man-made no less. How could that be? Computers will soon be to smart for event he smartest of us. There are more Joe's in the world. Joe could be in your very own house!



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